segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010


A long time passed since the last time I wrote here.
And many things happened in this between, many good experiences: Christmas celebration with Mulen family, New Year camp with KRIK in Lillehammer, Infield Course at Hald, first ski lessons; probably I will come back to this events later, and write about them.
But what I have in my mind right now it’s something I’ve been reflecting since the very day I arrived in Bergen and started to work in NMS U office.
Every day, after the lunch at the office and before everyone go back to their work again, we read a verse from the bible and, from a small green ‘prayerbook’, we read some motives/topics we should pray on that day of the week. Every day, we pray for a NMS project abroad and for the missionaries that work there, for a country where the christians are persecuted, for the leaders of NMS, for the camp places... Different topics each day of the week.


This commitment in prayers have inspired me a lot since I’m here in Bergen. NMS is an organization that works hard and do their best to raise money to support financially their workers abroad, and in prayers seek the Lord to support them spiritually. They are doing their work and seeking God, trusting he will do his part. And I believe this commitment in prayers, this dependence on God is the key of the success during this long story of missionary work, of NMS.
In fact, I’ve been learning a lot with this moments of prayer at the office; it have changed also my daily personal prayers. I’ve been no long more praying just for me, my family and my friends. Please don’t misunderstand me: pray for those who we love is not wrong, and I don’t let to do that. But the kingdom of God is much bigger than me and those around me, whom I love. I must confess this have been a new perspective, to be praying daily for countries where christians have been persecuted and arrested because of their faith, for countries where is forbidden to preach the gospel, or for missionaries I never have seen before. I’m changing my self centred prayers (just for my family, my church and my friends), and learning to pray for others aswell.
Trying to start from somewhere, God have put in my heart to be praying again for Juazeiro/BA and the church there, for which I've been praying just occasionally in the last months; and for Hald Students, especially those I've 'adopted' to pray in the 'Walk and Prayer'.
Learning everyday! Amen!

Reminder of prayer for Hald students

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